Remove wineinternetexplorer option in menu

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Remove wineinternetexplorer option in menu

Post by llzellner » Sat Jun 19, 2021 10:58 pm

I am using the WINEHQ PPA and V6.01 on Kubuntu 20.04.2 ESR

I have only one program that uses WINE and I can't kill off, :evil: long story - not relevant here.... but any way...

I noticed a quirk after getting this all set up, that opening a link in konsole or doing a search via google from konsole menu, that it was trying to start this wineinternetexplorer, and then I noticed when using the browser, FF, that it offered this option to DL a file....
Bad WINE menu option
NYET! NYET! I don't need that option,ever! Nor does the program I am using, or these users are using.

I did NOT install wine-gecko when it asked for this option in the setup for the wineprefix.

I have cut down on the issue somewhat I think by using the Default Applications settings, in Kubuntu. That seems to have nuked most of this ill behavior, but the option in the menu is still there, I need that gone! That will only make this nightmare even worse.

I've seen a couple things about deleting files and directories in various places, which didn't seem to match anything of that posted or whats in those files/directories, and using winemenubuilder.exe which popped up some ominous warning, so I stopped.

What is the correct way to permanently remove this option, prevent it from showing up????

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Re: Remove wineinternetexplorer option in menu

Post by dimesio » Sun Jun 20, 2021 6:33 am ... th_List.3F

If you prefer a GUI, you can also delete the file associations from File Associations in KDE's system settings.

To prevent new ones from being added if you install something, uncheck Manage file associations in the Desktop Integration tab of winecfg. You will have to do this for every wineprefix.

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