Wine emulation on android

Questions about Wine on Android
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Wine emulation on android

Post by Maher-wine » Sun Mar 31, 2019 4:39 pm

Welcome developers

Clarify the problem: Also you know that Wine is a layer of simulation and not an emulation of the architecture of the processor, this makes me unable to run Wine with X86 applications which means I can not benefit from Wine because the aarch64 applications are very rare and even if they exist they do not work with me and I do not know the reason ....

Required: Is to know how to run Wine X86 on Qemu on Android through Limbo or through applications running Linux distributions on Android such as UserLAnd or Termux Of course, noting that I do not have root privileges on my phone and the lack of KVM accelerator to speed up Qemu emulators, what is The correct way to build Wine X86 with Qemu without having to emulate Linux environment complete, only Wine simulation.

My experience: I did not lie to you because I have very little experience with Linux in general, especially in Qemu emulation and how I do things in it.

WARRING: It is possible to notice errors in the text because I do not speak English very well.

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Re: Wine emulation on android

Post by André H. » Wed Apr 10, 2019 2:31 pm

If you like using alpha software, there is:

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