been a while what can wine do now?

Questions about Wine on Linux
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been a while what can wine do now?

Post by Joshex » Thu Nov 15, 2018 8:49 am

(is thinking about buying a state of the art Linux computer to replace my old one because windows 10 is "NO Not happening" and they stopped selling 7 and modern hardware has no driver support for windows 7)

So I last used SuSE 10 in 2006 - 2008, after that I went to windows because I wanted to play City of Heroes and for the life of me couldn't understand the extra code I had to write to make it work (somewhat) in wine. Largely because the code was for Ubuntu not SuSE.

Nevermind that though, that's ancient history now.

Now I am a amateur game developer and use the following applications or may possibly use the following applications in the future and need to know if they can run flawlessly on wine or not:

Unity3D (with C++/# scripting enabled)
- uses blender3D for model and texture design already linux supported
- uses tux guitar for music development
might use audacity
Adobe Flash Professional CS4
-uses gimp and inkscape for other graphics, knows they are supported
-openoffice -yeah I know that's supported by linux
project 64 (PJ64) - Nintendo 64 Emulator
python 2.6.2 necessary for old blender.
skype (old version
random low quality pixelated .exe games
Tor - the webbrowser
NCH software's Voxal Voice Changer
bandicam - desktop recording software
-sound recorder (record from microphone, I assume linux has it's own sound recorder).

gensee online classroom software (I teach english online, the school "Meten Likeshuo" uses this software for the classroom) (also known as gsLauncher)

-uTorrent I think this should be available on linux or a decent replacement. Paragon Chat and Titan Icon
- VLC yeah I know that's originally a linux thing so it should be fine?

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