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 Post Posted: Mon May 14, 2018 11:13 pm 

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BYOND contains a suite of games, and it is free. It is like steam in that you can browse games in the "hub", download them, and play them, everything is free, no registration necessary. It is x86. WineHQ page.

wget   #10MB download
mv byond $WINE_PREFIX/drive_c/
wine $WINE_PREFIX/drive_c/byond/bin/byond.exe

The full line I use to launch it is:
WINE=/opt/wine-staging/bin/wine WINEARCH=win32 WINEPREFIX=/home/crunchbang/.local/share/wineprefixes/byond/ /opt/wine-staging/bin/wine "/home/crunchbang/.local/share/wineprefixes/byond/drive_c/byond/bin/byond.exe"

I believe all windows are rendered with iexplorer, with the exception of the "main game" screen (image 3) and the initial byond.exe splash screen (image 1). The winehq page says to use winetricks to install ie8. From my understanding some games use now use newer things like html5 and ie8 won't render it (a blank popup appears, see image 3 right side, I appended images horizontally due to attachment limit).

The winehq page also says to winetricks install many other things (wsh56 & jscript aren't even in winetricks anymore); now with wine 3.8, ie8 appears to be the only necessary thing. Image 2 is rendered by IE, and Image 3 (attached, left side) is an example of what IE can render in game. Surely mshtml & gecko can do the same? Looking in the wine changelog I see many ie9+ features being implemented! But BYOND appears hung up on something at the splash screen, I think a javascript error/bug.

The game stores html, css, and jscript in "My Documents/BYOND/cache" and "My Documents/BYOND/pager". jquery v1.4.4 is found in both folders (jquery.js), and I suspect this is where the splash screen is where wine fails (localsplash.html)? I am not sure.

I'm using the wine-staging 3.8 debian package, and I had installed Gecko and mono into the prefix.

Wine 3.8 without any overrides will bring up the splash screen (image 1 attached, left side).
winetricks wsh57 will get the splash screen a little further (image 1, right side), the splash screen text changes, it will bring up the blue progress bar on the splash screen, and the progress bar progresses to 100%. At this point the splash screen should fade out and the hub page appear (image 2 attached), and does so if winetricks ie8. Again wsh57 isn't necessary. The hub page (image 2) is "My Documents/BYOND/pager/custom/pagerhome.html".

There is an error in the wine log with winetricks wsh57, not ie8, but this may be a distraction I am not sure:
009:err: QuerySelectorAll failed: 8053000c
Anyways, any tips or ideas from anyone? :D I am not really sure how to debug this. Thank you :-)

File comment: Image 3: IE Frame left side renders properly with winetricks ie8,
right side IE Frame is empty with winetricks ie8 when it should render stuff in there (it contains newer stuff ie8 can't handle according to forum)

3 In game IE Frame - winetricks ie8.jpg
3 In game IE Frame - winetricks ie8.jpg [ 115.25 KiB | Viewed 657 times ]
File comment: Image 2: IE Frame (rendered with winetricks ie8)
2 Hub - winetricks ie8.jpg
2 Hub - winetricks ie8.jpg [ 19.25 KiB | Viewed 657 times ]
File comment: Image 1: I'm not sure if this is HTML, but I guess it is as the err:mshtml:DocumentSelector_querySelectorAll displays while this screen is up.
1 Splash Screen.jpg
1 Splash Screen.jpg [ 9.09 KiB | Viewed 657 times ]
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