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Questions about Wine on Linux
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Wine Is Fine Fedora17 LXDE PMail WinSCP CEditor

Post by captdavid1949 » Wed Sep 05, 2012 10:37 am

No questions just a comment and a thanks to the Wine crew. Largest obstacle preventing me from kicking my windows addiction and migrating fully to Linux was not being able to use some of my favorite XP apps. I mean I been using PMail since '94 and am comfortable with it (know what I mean?) After extensive research seemed like only option was to try Wine. What a pleasant surprise! Installed Wine and then Installed PMail via Wine interface. One minor glitch (PMail not Wine) and it runs like a champ. Went ahead and installed my other can't do without apps with same results. Thanks so much!

System Details
Dell Dimension 4600i Bios ver: A12
60gb drive
OS Linux Fedora17 LXDE

Pegasus Mail ver: 4.63
Crimson Editior ver: 3.72
WinSCP ver: 4.3.9

Errors and Problems
PMail ver:4.6.x piggybacks a new html renderer with the core app. This app hangs under Wine, but can be deleted via Wine Software Uninstall interface. After that PMail runs fine.

Once again thanks for all the ongoing hard work.