Mouse pointer absolut position (touch screen mode)

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Mouse pointer absolut position (touch screen mode)

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Dear Community,

Question: How can I get Wine to use my absolute mouse position (in relation to the screen resolution) instead of using my smartphone screen as a kind of trackpad for the mouse movement.

I know it from Windows touchscreens that as soon as you use the touch mode, a touch immediately means a click on the touched area. Double-tab + hold then allows you to drag frames or drag & drop.

Unfortunately there is no such setting anywhere and I don't know if it is a problem that can be solved in Wine (I was thinking of a Windows touchscreen mode activator in the registry or something similar).

I've tried several things, even changed emulators and searched forums for hours.
At the moment I am using wine via "Winlator" - but have the same problem with "box64droid" via Termux. There are emulators like "ScumMVM" that have this option - so I know it's A. Possible and B. Necessary for some.

I'm currently emulating Stronghold Crusader on Android via Winlator and Wine - works great, but this weird trackpad-mouse control is a deal breaker for the whole emulation immersion.

If this function of the absolute mouse point worked, you could even play other strategy games such as Command&Conquer. And(!) with a touch pen, Windows emulation would be much more convenient to use. I feel a bit like I'm on an IBM computer with a knobbly mouse haha :-).

Is there a solution? A hack in Wine or an emulator that really interprets the touchscreen control as a touchscreen instead of a trackpad?

Thank you very much
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