Wine 6.7 no kernal32.dll

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Wine 6.7 no kernal32.dll

Post by Alastair0100 » Wed Apr 28, 2021 8:43 pm

Hi i upgraded to 6.7, and wine started to have issues.
when i delete prefix and create a new prefix with winecfg it shows its setting up but it just sits there until i force close it.
when i try run a program it gives me wine: could not load kernel32.dll, status c0000135
i look in the syswow64 folder in the prefix and theres nothing there.
so i drag and drop all the dependices into the windows folder from older wine versions but it hangs when i try run wine.
so i check my home user folder permissions and they ok.
then i try running wine as root and make new prefix and it sits there for 40minute setting up until it finally runs the cfg
so only root runs and it takes ages when trying to run something with root so something is wrong.
happens on both wine 6.7 and wine-staging 6.7
anyone have the same issue?
thanks for any help.

*strange though, there are stuff in other folders in the prefix
32prefix seems to work

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Re: Wine 6.7 no kernal32.dll

Post by ASOwnerYT » Sat May 01, 2021 4:18 pm

I'm having the same issue, I keep getting errors relating to 'kernel32.dll'. I'll create a bug report.

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