FLstudio 20.8.3 in ubuntu 20.04.2

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FLstudio 20.8.3 in ubuntu 20.04.2

Post by droopy » Thu Apr 01, 2021 2:32 pm

I just setup FL Studio 20.8.3 in Wine 6,5 and it's working great in many ways.

FL studio selftest went ok loading all instruments and "songs" playing it through my external soundcarg (Presonus Ibox2)

One thing I have problems with is that FL studio reports "Fail" on the MIDI hardware port (MIDI setup in FL Studio)

This stopps me from trying to install and use a midi keyboard in FL studio (I can not get any MIDI messages out from FL Studio as long as this error exists)

Should it be possible to add an MIDI keyboard to an USB port and wine handles the traffic between linux and FL Studio in both directions?

What needs to be done on the Ubuntu side ? Install Jack ? or other software ?

I would be quite happy with a "generic" function with a connected midi keyboard. Then I could use the FL Studio Midi scripting to tweak my keyboard as wanted.

Great work with wine thou even if I have problems with this. FL studio runs verry nicely and the install process are without any errors using the Abowe mentioned versionss of the software.

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Re: FLstudio 20.8.3 in ubuntu 20.04.2

Post by fargodwe » Thu Apr 08, 2021 11:32 pm

this is a little old. I checked on linux Mint 20 (ubuntu derivative) which I am running but 1 of things mentioned wasn't in the package manager - the jack development package. I assume the asio package (I believe it said that was some sort of driver or something else for USB in linux).

I hope it might be of some help or perhaps point you in the right direction.

<url>https://beatproduction.net/fl-studio-li ... uide/</url>

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