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 Post Posted: Sat Dec 03, 2016 9:40 pm 

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I miss the ability to list MY results (to have an overview) and to edit them after submittal AND acceptance (to improve or correct them).

If used properly, this ability should hopefully
  • decrease the number of results overall (easier to maintain?; give a better overview given that you see only a couple of results by default anyway);
  • improve results iteratively;
  • decrease the number of seemingly acceptable but possibly poorer quality results by making improvements easy (to reflect reality better, e.g.: making results more to the point, throwing out unnecessary winetricks if I later realize that I didn't need them, realized that I made a mistake or didn't think of something during testing and retested with better results, then the bad result should not be there to throw off shown/perceived application state, etc.).

Possible cons?
I guess that this ability would also make it possible for e.g. inattentive casual testers to update their results instead of filing out a new one when such parameters change in their re-testing as wine or application version, but hopefully those who take the time to submit, understand why is it useful to have feedback for all these different parameter combinations. Just in case, a one-liner reminder in the result form might help a lot to prevent this.

If misused, it might make the maintainers work harder.

Solution proposal:
The maintainer could get notified with a little delay after creation & edit(s), so one review would be enough for a succession of more-or-less rapid individual changes, and a result would loose its accepted status after an edit.

This of course might be problematic to realize depending on how the result database is stored and handled.

 Post Posted: Sun Dec 04, 2016 9:09 am 
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This would create too many problems, while solving none.

Test reports are specific to each version of Wine, and we want to maintain the historical record. Having fewer test reports is not a goal. You are correct in noting that some users will simply try to edit an old report rather than submit a new one, and I can tell you from experience that a notice reminding people not to do that will not stop them; people routinely ignore the notices we already have.

Second, test reports have to approved by a maintainer or admin, and allowing the submitter to edit an approved report would enable them to add things that haven't been approved, including spam. In addition, maintainers and admins sometimes modify the report before approval, such as changing the rating to conform to the rating definitions. Allowing submitters to change things after the fact could lead to edit wars.

Bottom line is it would create too much work; maintainers and admins should not have to constantly monitor old reports for unapproved changes.

Note that maintainers and admins can edit test reports after they are approved, so if you notice a typo or some other error in your report that you want to correct, contact the maintainer with the info, or if there is no maintainer (or the maintainer doesn't respond), post it on this subforum and I can correct it. If you discover you did something completely wrong in an earlier test and want to replace it, simply submit a new, correct test report and add a note in the Extra Comments section asking the maintainer/admin to delete your previous, incorrect report.

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