splinter cell blacklist install on MacOS high sierra 10.13.6

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splinter cell blacklist install on MacOS high sierra 10.13.6

Post by gstlouis » Fri Apr 10, 2020 9:26 am

I have been trying to install splinter cell on my Mac with winery. I'm not sure if I'm doing this correctly but I have ghost recon advanced warfighter and it worked. Unfortunately this was so long ago I'm not sure if I'm using the same wine app that was in my downloads. I think so.

I basically start a wineski winery engine WS9Wine2.22 wrapper. Then I mount the ISO's and start the install but at the end I get these errors - I think when doing directX install. Looks like I can attached screenshot of 300KB?

anyways one error is "the program dxwsetup.exe has encountered a serious problem..." along with text "this can be cased by a problem in the program or deficiency in wine..."

the other error is "an internal system error occured, please refer to DXerror.log and directx.log"

There was also another "view report" thing and in there I could see it showed platform i386. Wine is running as 32bit? I've got a very recent MAC with touchbar so I'm 64bit.

Any ideas? could my winery app be the problem? What wine app should I use?

thanks for any help,

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Re: splinter cell blacklist install on MacOS high sierra 10.13.6

Post by Gcenx » Fri Apr 10, 2020 12:05 pm

Wineskin from doh123 is no longer updated and also stopped working on High Sierra without workarounds plus the lack of recent wine versions.

I run an updated fork that uses Winehq releases [Unofficial Wineskin grab the custom Winery from Releases section.

It uses Winehq portable releases so that means Wine-2.0 > current Wine-5.5 these are then repackaged into Wineskin Engines but also has improved GPU detection and other fixes.

High Sierra 10.13 has 32Bit support
Mojave 10.14 has 32Bit support
Catalina 10.15 has no 32Bit support (I even have two working Engines for this version)

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