How to read a CD-ROM from an ISO image using Wine?

Questions about Wine on macOS.
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How to read a CD-ROM from an ISO image using Wine?

Post by rodja1997 » Wed Dec 26, 2018 5:06 pm

Hey together,
I´ve got a question regarding the mounting of ISO files on macOs connected to the usage of Wine.

I´m trying to get an old chess game to work on my macBook pro (13 inches, Sierra version 10.12.6). The game is written for Windows so I installed WineBottler and Wine in order to be able to run it. The installation worked well and I have a .exe-file that I can execute in Wine and that should open the program. My problem is that the program asks for the original CD as soon as I try to ope it. To address this problem I created an ISO file for the CD. Even if I set the pointer of d:: in the Wine configurations to the directory where the ISO file is located, however, it seems that Wine cannot recognise it and the error keeps appearing. I also tried to set the pointer of d:: to the subdirectory of /Volumes where the disk appears after connecting it to the laptop using an external driver. This did not work either.
I read on some forums that I would need to "mount" the ISO file in order to make it readable for Wine. This mounting is what I am concerned about know. First I do not understand what is actually meant by "mounting" in this case. Second I don´t know how to achieve it in a way that works for me.

What I already know/have tried:
I read instructions on how to address this problem on Ubuntu from here: ... ve-in-wine
where the most important hint is to run

mount -o loop -t iso 9660 <path/to/iso> <dir/for/mounted/iso>

in a Terminal. This failed on my machine with the error message:

mount: exec /Library/Filesystems/iso9660.fs/Contents/Resources/mount_iso9660 for /media/wincd: No such file or directory

I am 100% sure though that the directory exists actually. Following this problem I tried to install "loop" as a kernel extension as it seemed not to be present on my machine but this didn't work either. The installation failed because some permission was denied even though I ran it as admin with sudo.
After that I searched for mounting an ISO image on macOs. I found out that CDs in an external driver are usually automatically mounted and appear on the Desktop and appear in in /Volumes directory. This was no help, however, because setting the driver path in the Wine configurations to /Volumes/<iso name> did not solve the problem. I further read that Wine would need read/write access what is not possible to be granted to any subdirectory of /Volumes (I have it as user but it is not possible to grant in to group, not even with sudo) and the only hints I found about mounting the iso file to a given place included the mount-command on the Terminal. I also tried to set the advanced settings of the Wine driver-pointer to "CD-ROM" without any outcome.

Note: I have not installed Wine as a command line application so I am not able to run any wine-commands in my Terminal. I´m not sure whether or not this has something to do with the problem.

Help is very appreciated.
Merry Christmas

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Re: How to read a CD-ROM from an ISO image using Wine?

Post by Gcenx » Thu Dec 27, 2018 1:18 pm

Your using Winebottler version of wine not an offical winehq wine version. For support here install XQuartz then an offical winehq wine version.

Trying to mount the iso using a guide for Ubuntu is not a good idea, just double click the iso to mount it then from the Terminal launch “wine winecfg” that will pickup the mounted iso as CD-ROM drive for you.

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