wine darkens retina screen almost to black when rung Doom 3

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wine darkens retina screen almost to black when rung Doom 3

Post by GrampaD » Wed Jan 10, 2018 5:34 pm

Hello all,

1. I read the notes for the MacPort install, and set the following in the registry:
[HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Wine\Mac Driver]

2. I ran the google query: "doom 3" dark
no results found.

3. I searched the FAQ for any information on when running doom 3, wine darkens the screen almost so I can't
see the game screen.
no results found.

4. I ran the google query: "doom 3" dark site:
no results found.

5. I read the appdb entry. All it showed is the versions of the Doom 3 engine, which I'm quite familiar with.
no results on why wine darkens the screen to almost black on my MacBook 2016 with retina screen when
attempting to run Doom 3.

6. I read all the forum posting guidelines, and I think I am confident that my post will not be deleted.


I am running wine 2.0.4, installed on my Macbook pro running OSX High Sierra via MacPorts. I run multiple
monitors, but wine runs Doom 3 on the retina screen.
When I open a terminal prompt, navigate to my Doom 3 for Windows directory, and type the following command:

wine Doom3.exe

it runs perfectly, but wine darkens the retina screen so black that I can barely see the Doom 3 window to close

Since wine has no command line switches, and I have googled for literally half an hour trying to find any
information relating to wine's default keyboard shortcuts (there is also no listing of this at winehq)......

How do I get wine to NOT darken my retina screen to almost black when running Doom 3.

Thank you.

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