Strange things occur in the wineyard... (internet issue)

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Strange things occur in the wineyard... (internet issue)

Post by carbanista » Tue Nov 14, 2017 1:46 pm

Hello... I travelled long time between Windows, Linux, Hackintosh to finally buy a real mac... after bootcamping I got frustrated to boot here and there I switched back to wine from the Linux-times where it was a real luck...

Story is short... I always wanted to play at least some good games, thats why I always turned back to Windows with a heavy heart. Now on Mac I finally want to get satisfied (I am already, but theres space up)

I installed wine 2.03 and 2.20-staging (x86) with additional winetricks. I have installed Steam (starting with no-cef-sandbox) and internet is working fine with my WiFi connection. Browsing, Shop, Downloads all working. So far so good...

When I finally try to start MMO-Games they can't connect to there servers, nearly equal what i try to run... fe AION has golden test results in AppDB, but mine is not starting. Passing the error-messages with tricks from youtube or in other forums didn't helped to get it synching with it's servers.

Same issue with raceroom... it tells to start, but then the servers aren't available...

Train Simulator 2017 is another thing... working really fine, but the internal store is not accessible, which indeed needs active internet. Steam-Workshop on the other side is able to sync contents...

I have the bad feeling that a DLL or package must be missing, but I'm no pro but nearly newbie to wine. Can anybody help me out?


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