Wine for Android,do not see directories,no touchscreen keyb

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Wine for Android,do not see directories,no touchscreen keyb

Post by Johny48 » Thu Apr 08, 2021 6:11 am

Maybe stupid question for advanced users, but I travel, low paid time on inet plus on disability pension,not watching this world decades.
Hello, downloaded latest stable version. Absolutely everything what wrote for version 3.0 is SAME valid for 6.0.
Cannot have virtual keyboard, to write commands, do not see from Android file manager any Wine directory to copy there apps, same from wine see no android directories. Internet explorer in wine doesn't work to download potentially from inet..... I cannot simply use those wine!!! :( :(

Question ( after you tell me how to use it),
Can I mount original winXP install CD with .can files having them on big extra SD card. In order to install things like "standard 9600bd modem, standard 115k modem, standard bluetooth dial up modem- inet connection, drivers for XP for Prolific PL2301 or 2302 usb to RS232 converter."

All those for communication with old Iridium phone Motorola 9505 from 2001year ( standard 9600bd modem,usb to RS232 converter), for inmarsat Bgan explorer 300 ( 115k modem, bluetooth dial up modem- inet connection)
And use bandwidth impaired servers like and their GRIB viewer ( where minimum data are about 7kb, wind,waves for few days, and go thru oldest Iridium with 2400bd channel within minute of expensive airtime ,more and more expensive comparing the past around 2000year....or not supported any more inmarsat mini-M also 2400bd, there was 4800bd modem needed.) And it connects directly to to download, not request by email and then download answer- GRIB file, needs TWICE satellite airtime thru email, thru their soft just once to dial up thru satellite phone.
Using also skyfile mailer, which was in 2007 , account was for free, made by German enthusiast who appreciate freedom in the middle of nowhere (and goes thru French LES - land earth inmarsat station in 2008), not important whether hiking, sailing, flying to abandoned place with true quiet. It was 90% compress ascii txt, allows send/ receive sms and faxes ( print screen fax), all highly compressed, for free with limits or immediate refuse long files to spare satellite airtime and get only what is important. And that mailer had 6-8MB for winXP. Or Airmail from saildocs to use with hf transceiver. Same can be used for meteofax receiving that soft from, few MB for winXP with everything you need in the middle of nowhere to stay in contact if something happens in family etc....
Now they start to charge a fortune for skyfile account, original philosophy, to let LIVE and relax overworked people is turned upside down!

On Sun, Apr 4, 2021, 11:10 Jan Vyparina <> wrote:
And I forgot.... When open iexplorer, it doesn't load your home page , though tablet was connected thru wifi to inet, so cannot download software from internet. Inet simply doesn't work! Another thing, have 7" screen, it always forcing landscape mode, cannot move the windows to SEE down part, where are buttons to click, cannot access them, cannot see them! In portrait mode would see down part of window and buttons, but it forces always landscape mode.
I know that thee are just details in comparing with programmers work, but details which makes that amazing software unusable almost!

On Sun, Apr 4, 2021, 09:57 Jan Vyparina <> wrote:
Hello, WHERE is it located when installed to Android device, cannot find it NOWHERE!!! Not in root directories, those where ES file manager has access ( not that good one ES3 5 years old, doesn't work on new Android go 8.1, which allowed multiple windows, multiple fully definable ftp connections etc....). Search doesn't help, no Wine directory is visible from Android to copy there applications! Same from Wine, I cannot access NO Android directories! Cannot use it at all!!
There is no virtual keyboard, like in normal windows xp or any others, so cannot WRITE any command, nothing!!!!
Can I MOUNT some Android directory chain??? How, tell me exact command please! And cannot write that command, since no virtual touchscreen keyboard!!!
How???? Can I use that propably amazing program to run good old short and very effective software from better times, when soft was programmed by professionals who optimalises everything. Not like now when they GENERATED it :) :) and propably more MB waste,the better they are paid. In my era we did with soldering gun and assembler or mostly cross- assembler run in PC...
Thanks. Regards. Jan.

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