not reliable/annoying placement of programm window in multi screen environment

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not reliable/annoying placement of programm window in multi screen environment

Post by jojoax » Mon Mar 29, 2021 7:02 am

Arch Linux, current state
$ wine --version
$ wine-6.5 (Staging)

AMD or Intel CPU,
current AMD GPU with active Vulkan
3 Monitors attached and working fine in HD/1080p,
pulse Audio and ALSA/Kernel supported Sound devices, pulseaudio routing

we have here 3 or more gaming-stations for gaming [World of Warcraft, v3.3.5a, "Lich King"]. We're starting wotlk via script.
In general it works really fine and very performant, thanks for that. :D
Other Programms like Command & Conquer Generals and other showing up the same problem.

After starting the wine based game, it seems not possible to move it to another screen. In the first chosen display screen all works fine as expected.
But moving the wine-window to an other screen, the mouse does not work anymore, the movement of the pointer is dissorted.
After moving back to the previous screen solves the trouble.

Also activating fullscreen does not help, also self switching the sreen may occour if in game fullscreen switch over is selected.
It is not possible to spread over 3-wine windows with 3times same programm on 3 screens, or 3 different programms on 3 differnt screens. The mouse is going messed up.
It looks like the pointer events does not work, if the screen is changed.

The Annoying topics are:
- the screen where the game window appears is not predictable, a preferred placement is not chooseable
- moving the wine/game disturb mouse pointer events

TIA, if there is a Ideas to fix/workaround this multi monitor problem.

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