World of Warcraft Shadowlands beta freezes where retail and Classic run perfectly

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World of Warcraft Shadowlands beta freezes where retail and Classic run perfectly

Post by jokeyrhyme » Sun Oct 04, 2020 7:49 pm

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Howdie folks, I hope you are well

I’ve noticed that the PTR release candidate and the Shadowlands beta freeze on my system, even though Classic and retail play just fine, and I’m worried that the upcoming launches will lock me out of this game

- Shadowlands beta can create/customise characters, but freezes one or two seconds after choosing one and getting to the game world, progress bars take much longer than on retail, I don’t even have time to close the “What’s New” window before the game freezes
- Public Test Realm can see new login screen background (Icecrown) and hear the music, but freezes and gets no further
- retail Battle for Azeroth: perfect
- Classic: perfect

My system well exceeds the recommended hardware (including using an NVMe SSD), but I am using Linux with wine to run and World of Warcraft

Retail and Classic are playing perfectly, so I’m concerned that a fundamental change has occurred in 9.0 that is breaking compatibility with Linux + wine

Has anyone else noticed this?

At this point, I’m really hoping there’s some extra debugging or instrumentation code left in the beta and release candidate that is causing this, and that it will be removed prior to launch

I really don’t want to be scrambling to purchase a Windows license and an extra SSD on launch day

I’m using Lutris ( ) to manage and run everything

Lutris offers a few different wine runtimes:

- the system wine (5.18 stable)
- lutris wine (5.7-10)
- Proton 5.0 and 4.11

Weirdly, Steam and Steam games run terrifically with its own bundled Proton 5.0, but the launcher runs slowly with the Lutris-managed Proton, and WoW itself just has a blank screen

The launcher and other Windows apps (WowUp, Wowhead Client, etc) run just fine with the system wine, but WoW itself (any version) doesn’t seem to start

I get the best results with the Lutris wine runner, but only for retail and Classic, no dice with beta or PTR

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