Severe fps drops in wine-lol + DXVK

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Severe fps drops in wine-lol + DXVK

Post by MMBeezy » Mon May 18, 2020 12:54 am

I have Problems with running League of Legends, I hope someone can help me here, because I really can't find a solution:

Problem: League of Legends running at mediocre Settings (AA, Environment= high, shader= off, effects = medium, char details= very high) at high fps, but randomly dropping 30+ Frames, not even if sth. big happens, just seemingly random. If I cap fps at a lower amount, the drops are still happening. It makes me really angry, because my setup should handle a stable 144fps, but It doesnt...


- Ubuntu 18.04 LTS on SSD
- i7 4770, 16 GB DDR3 Ram, GTX 1060 3 GB.
- wine-lol by M. Reimer, DXVK installed on this Prefix and running fine (I enabled the hud to see gpu load etc.)
- nvidia-440-driver (the newest)

Things I tried:
- using DXVK, seems to be a good thing in general but didnt do much
- got a cpu cooler, cpu was running at 80 degrees on stock cooler, clocking down, so i fixed this
- set cpufreq governor to "performance". Some people were saying that the cpu freq manager can set the cpu in mode "on demand" if the game is quite easy to calc, so the cpu clocks down hard, which can cause a stutter. Didn't help with my issue sadly, cpu doesnt fall under 3.7 Ghz now, which is what i wanted.
- Enabling virtual desktop in wine, didn't do anything, but causing issues with tabbing out xd
- tried to set msvcert.dll as Native, with winetricks vlcrun6, didnt work at all, I wanted to do this, cause wine is spamming the console with an error, related to msvcrt.dll, it's a client problem tho, so it shouldn't affect gameplay. Game wouldt load when i set it to native, so i changed it back to builtin... (winetricks patched the dll)
-monitoring Gpu Load: It's max 25% ingame, so I don't see an issue there, still did some performance tweaks in nvidia x-server settings ...

Weird things, which I can't explain:
-Why do the drops also happen, when i cap at a lower fps amount? For ex. I cap at 144, it sometimes drops to 90. I cap to 90, it drops to 60, like wtf -> Seems to be a performance management issue, the pc is clearly able to handle the game, but sth. is causing the random slowdowns, thats why I tried to disable all powersaving features.
- At uncapped, the gpu load is higher, which is good, but drops are more severe, the setup is getting 200+ fps sometimes but still drops to 130.

Maybe someone here, has another golden idea... I'm running out of options :oops:

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