FM radio using /dev/radio0

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FM radio using /dev/radio0

Post by linuxgrrl » Thu Mar 12, 2020 7:43 pm

hi. I have a Hauppauge TV card with FM radio tuner built in. Linux recognizes the tuner and sets it up as /dev/radio0

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mary@mythbox:~/Documents$ dmesg | grep radio
[   24.360809] tveeprom: has radio
[   24.399322] msp3400 10-0040: MSP3435G-B6 found on bt878 #0 [sw]: supports radio, mode is autodetect and autoselect
[   24.516986] bttv: 0: registered device radio0
I am trying to run a small program called radiodelay.exe ( that pauses live radio. The program starts under WINE, but it doesn't "see" the tuner.

I realize the program is also available under linux, but it requires changing my version of glibc which I understand is dangerous and a bad idea. I have also tried solving this problem natively using mplayer but after lots of work, I have no success and their message board is defunct.

Is there a way to link a WINE program to /dev/radio0? I think my tuner is bt-8878 chip if that helps.

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Re: FM radio using /dev/radio0

Post by SetantaLP » Mon Mar 16, 2020 4:58 am

You could try adding it in the drive section of winecfg, since this section is used to list all kinds of devices that should be accessible for wine (e.g. COM ports if you have one on your computer). The only problem: if a driver is required to use the device that trick might not work, since drivers are usually quite low level while wine mostly works on api level.

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