Origin (EA Games) crashing during install/update

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Origin (EA Games) crashing during install/update

Post by mr_snakejazz » Sat Jan 04, 2020 9:42 am


I have a problem getting the newest version of Origin to run under Wine.
Here are the facts:

Used OS: Ubuntu 19.10
Used Wine: wine-5.0-rc3 (Staging)
Winetricks: Yes
Winecfg: Set to Windows 7, no special libraries or dll overrides

What I tried:
I downloaded the installer from https://www.origin.com/deu/de-de/store/download and after changing to the download directory used

Code: Select all

wine OriginThinSetup.exe &> ~/Schreibtisch/o_inst_log.txt 2>&1
to start the setup. At first this seems to work fine (apart from some small font problems in one of the install windows) but after downloading the data for the update the installer crashes giving out a message about a critical error using UpdateTool.exe.

Below are the message from the terminal during the installation and the error details during the crash:

Apparently this error has existed in previous wine versions but should be gone in the newer ones
but the last successful test used an older version 4.17

Does someone have an idea what I can try to get it to run?

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