Microphone in ETQW (ALSA and dsound)

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Microphone in ETQW (ALSA and dsound)

Post by xk0niR » Mon Oct 21, 2019 9:09 am

Good day,
I tried a lot getting the microphone working in the Game Enemy Territory Quake Wars (ETQW) with more or less success.
It would be great if someone knows a fix for this great game!

My System:
- Arch Linux
- Wine 4.17-staging
- No D9VK or anything else ("pure" Wine)
- ALSA (No pulseaudio)

I can confirm the microphone working in Windows ETQW and native Linux Version.
The game supports two sound systems (can be set by s_driver):
- dsound
- openal

Using openal as sound system (setting openal32.ddl in winecfg to builtin) the microphone works.
Sadly openal causes sound glitches in this game (most are fixed by using s_realtimedecoding 0 but it isn´t a proper fix)

Using dsound as sound system the microphone does not work. While doing a test recording inside the game it is just silent.
But dsound has no sound glitches and the quality is fine for me.

After a lot of searching I´ve found out there is something called "dsound-openal" (DirectSound wrapper for OpenAL).
Using this (override dsound to native in winecfg) and setting sound system to dsound the microphone works but the quality is really bad. There is an echo and lots of background noise. However I got no sound glitches and the rest is fine.

The last two days I´m struggling and unable to find a solution. I feel like I am so close but yet so far...

Thanks in advance!

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