[deepin]wine-playonlinux-winetricks: too much?

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[deepin]wine-playonlinux-winetricks: too much?

Post by oui » Sun Oct 20, 2019 5:47 am

I did install all above software plus a (for me) very important suite (ViaVoice98, installed in 3 languages de-en-fr). At the Linux side, pulseaudio is installed.

I did find easily the installed stuff in the Deepin menu. But it does not work.

First deception immediately starting the ViaVoice app «Audio setup wizard». And trying to find my installed ViaVoice, I don't find it but have to admit: My Wine environment is split on a lot of subdirectories
for ex.:
~/PlayOnLinux's virtual drives (link!)
(no special dir found for winetricks; if one, it is more hidden!)
and the contents seems not to be the same!

I did install with the original ViaVoice98-CD. The system did fin a place for it. But I don't find where it is installed!

In /usr/share/applications I find PlayOnLinux.desktop and winetricks.desktop but no file for the divers applications for the ViaVoice suite well appearing in and starting through the Deepin menu.

They start but abort all immediately as the audio doesn't work (error msg :
«Problem: A problem occurred while trying to use your audio mixer playback.
Solution: Try restarting your system. If the problem still happens, there may be a problem with your audio device driver.»

PC: DELL XPS15 with i7 8 GB ram

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Re: [deepin]wine-playonlinux-winetricks: too much?

Post by DarkShadow44 » Thu Oct 24, 2019 3:48 pm

PlayOnLinux is not supported here. Can you retry with official wine?

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