No live video in webinterface Foscam C1 via Wine

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No live video in webinterface Foscam C1 via Wine

Post by Jan-61 » Fri Sep 27, 2019 9:49 am

Having bought an IP-camera, the Foscam C1 to use it as weathercam, I want it to be able to operate it from my LinuxMint PC.
And yes I do have a Windows-pc too, but I want to keep that for my graphic programs, and also the Linux-pc for internet activities.
I tried Ivideon and other things to get the Foscam at work here; no succes.
Foscam really forces the use of MS-Windows.

Installed Wine 4.0.2 -- it came as 64bit as I use LinuxMint 18.3 Cinnamon 64bit.
After that in Wine I installed Foscam's IPClient-plugin and Firefox 49.2 32bit (64bit is not supported for the IP-client webinterface as an error-message told me after having installed the 64bit version).
Now I can reach the camera on my Linux-machine and operate it...but the live-video-screen remains black :(
But when I press 'make a snapshot' it makes and shows the snapshot correctly.

On my WindowsPC the live video is shown correctly.

I guess it had to do with failing codecs, so I installed K-Lite Codec Pack 12.9.5 Standard, reboot the pc -- finally without succes.

Also set winecfg to WinXP (default it is Win7); no succes.

A lot of uncertainties are lying here:
Is the K-Lite Codec Pack version OK?
Do I have to set Wine to 32bit?
Is the Wine version OK?
Do I have to install/override dll's?
Can LAVFilters do the job?

I really want this get to work on this pc.
Can anybody help?

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Installed in Wine
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Foscam Webinterface + Used system info

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Re: No live video in webinterface Foscam C1 via Wine

Post by jkfloris » Sun Sep 29, 2019 4:21 am

As far as I know, Foscam uses an ActiveX plugin to talk to the webcam.
Maybe you have more luck if you install Internet Explorer.

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