Unable to play the audio game “Crime Hunter”

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Unable to play the audio game “Crime Hunter”

Post by alexarnaud » Mon Sep 09, 2019 10:56 am

Hello all,

I'm visual-impaired and I'm currently helping a blind people to play to audio games on its Linux Debian computer.

• Debian testing
• Wine 4.0.2
• winetricks 0.0+20181203-3

Steps to reproduce:
0) I've installed SAPI (speech synthesis) compatibility with this command:
winetricks speechsdk

1) Download this game: https://masonasons.me/softs/CH.zip

2) unzip the archive

3) Run the game with
wine64 ch.exe

The game is correctly launched but I'm unable to play with it and I see those message on the console:
0028:fixme:ole:NdrCorrelationInitialize (0x33c2dc, 0x33c46c, 1024, 0x0): semi-stub
0028:fixme:ole:NdrCorrelationFree (0x33c2dc): stub

What should I do? Reporting an issue?

Best regards.

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Re: Unable to play the audio game “Crime Hunter”

Post by thepearl98 » Fri Dec 06, 2019 4:59 pm

Try installing directx9, which is required on native Windows. You can do it through winetrick's GUI:

winetricks --gui

1) Select the default wineprefix
2) Install a Windows DLL or component
3) Then install all of the d3dx9's you see on there.

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