parse url error when trying to run native applications

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parse url error when trying to run native applications

Post by kwsky » Mon Aug 19, 2019 4:48 am

Remember Smalltalk? I am using this beautiful language for a Knowledge Management application, it is working fine on Wine within Ubuntu. As you can imagine, these types of applications are holding thousands of standard documents and links.
My question:
When trying to open the native pdf reader from within Smalltak on an existing pdf file via Shell execute*, I get the following error:

004e:err:winebrowser:wmain Failed to parse URL
gio: file:///media/veracrypt1/Server/Texte/7/7811/1.pdf: Error when getting information for file “/media/veracrypt1/Server/Texte/7/7811/1.pdf”: No such file or directory

I have already edited the registry manually, like advised in "6.6.3 How do I associate a native program with a file type in Wine?". Manually, because the command "regedit pdf.reg" hasn't any effect, without any error message.

Must be something trivial, I hope.

Tanks in advance, Alexander

*Syntax in Smalltalk is: self shellExecute: aPathName operation: 'open'

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