Should i mess with the Graphics and Winehq/linux settings

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Should i mess with the Graphics and Winehq/linux settings

Post by thisusername » Wed Jul 03, 2019 10:20 am

I was advised to install " dxvk" as solution for log issue, beside i was thinking should i install my graphics driver from the AMD site or continue with the one that Linux installed Which sounds suitable for my device ..

so the questions

1- Should i install " dxvk" ? and can i install it without changing or recreating wineprefix i hate to recreate or change the wineprefix path , and the path of it now is " /home/*myusername*/.wine and do i have to do the "Building DLLs step " or just installing it from the first step.

Code: Select all

 export WINEPREFIX=/path/to/.wine-prefix
./ install
*and it should be like this ?*
 export WINEPREFIX=home/*myusername*/.wine
is that correct ? and please focus on the part of " the second step"

2- Should i install the graphic driver on Linux from AMD site? or the built-in is the right choice

3- What are "Wine staging best graphics configuration options ? like enabling x and disabling y ?

The most important question for now to me is number 1 please consider to began with .
Anyway i am Curious and interested in installing "dxvk" as long i can go back easily in case i changed my mind or it things become worse.. but it sounds that i will install it anyway.

wine staging 4.11 / Ubuntu 18.04 Linux Mint 19.1 / AMD / i just installed Vulkan for Ubuntu

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