Graphic cards problems on Lubuntu

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Graphic cards problems on Lubuntu

Post by 3691e » Sun Jun 09, 2019 1:54 pm

Hi everyone,
I have this problem when I try to run Silent Hill 3 from Wine on Lubuntu 18.10:
This game requires a video card with a minum of 32MB VRAM and programmable Vertex/Pixel Shader support. This application will now close.
Basically Wine doesn't seem to recognize the 128MB nVidia graphic card (Go 6400) installed on my old laptop.
Does anyone know how to sort it out ?
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Re: Graphic cards problems on Lubuntu

Post by Bob Wya » Mon Jun 10, 2019 7:40 am


We won't be able to do anything, with a screenshot of an error message.

Please can you post a Wine terminal log, with the following debug channel set:

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export WINEDEBUG=+wgl
wine sh3.exe &> ~/wine_staging_4.9_wgl_log.txt
See: WineHQ FAQ: 10.1.1 How can I get a debugging log (a.k.a. terminal output)?

Remember to cd - change directory - to the working directory for the game first!
See: WineHQ Wiki: Wine User's Guide: 3 Using Wine.

Please can you also post the output from:

Code: Select all

glxinfo -B
Please use Code tags, if posting a terminal log (or commands), in a forum post:

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