Music won't swap to next track TA

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Music won't swap to next track TA

Post by LRV » Mon Mar 25, 2019 2:06 pm

When I run Total Annihilation the game fails to call the CD music in 2 cases:
1. A track in one of the playlists (build / battle) has finished, the next one won't start.
2. I unpause the game.

System: Lubuntu 16.04 32-bit
Wine Version: 4.0
TA Version: 1.0, 3.1 CD
What I've tried:
Direct X 5 from the TA CD
directplay from wineprefix
directmusic from wineprefix
drdx9_36 from wineprefix
running the TA music from a self-burned CD (no I didn't copy my disc, TA identifies discs by a file called TOTALA.ID and the music was released to public for free)
I also tried a few combinations nothing works.

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