FPS Drops with WINE in GTA 5 Story Mode

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FPS Drops with WINE in GTA 5 Story Mode

Post by TLbThunder » Mon Feb 11, 2019 1:33 pm

Hey there Wine-Community

I made it to write a script to get GTA 5 (Social Club) run on Arch Linux so far.
I'm using wine 4.1 (staging) and the latest Version of DXVK (I guess it's

My problem is..
when I start GTA, the game seems to be running very well,
but when I start the Story Mode and I press a random key on my keyboard, the game drops immediately from 40fps to 0fps and back to 40..

I tried the same thing with Proton and this phenomena didn't happen one single time.

There's no error message or similar which could be useful for this problem, I'm sorry.

I hope there is anybody out there who knows or even had this kind of "bug"?

Yours Sincerely
TLb Thunder

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