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 Post Posted: Mon Feb 04, 2019 4:02 pm 

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Hi all,
I'm running ubuntu 18.04

I just installed Office 365 Pro plus as per the guide in WineDB and when I try to run any office application (Word, Powerpoint etc) I get the following error:

wine: Call from 0x7b43c8bc to unimplemented function api-ms-win-shcore-scaling-l1-1-1.dll.GetProcessDpiAwareness, aborting
wine: Unimplemented function api-ms-win-shcore-scaling-l1-1-1.dll.GetProcessDpiAwareness called at address 0x3fff0023:0x7b43c8bc (thread 00a6), starting debugger...

A few notes:
32 bit install and WINEPREFIX
Winecfg is set to windows 7 and all the DLLS downloaded like corefonts winhttp etc are loaded in winetricks.

Has anyone got any ideas please?
Backtrace is below:
Unhandled exception: unimplemented function api-ms-win-shcore-scaling-l1-1-.GetProcessDpiAwareness called in 32-bit code (0x7b43c8bc).
Register dump:
 CS:0023 SS:002b DS:002b ES:002b FS:006b GS:0063
 EIP:7b43c8bc ESP:0033b594 EBP:0033b618 EFLAGS:00200212(   - --  I   -A- - )
 EAX:7b429209 EBX:00000004 ECX:0033b5c0 EDX:0033b644
 ESI:f61ba930 EDI:00000001
Stack dump:
0x0033b594:  7bc570f6 0033b5c0 f61b0000 0033b5d4
0x0033b5a4:  f61b0000 0033b5f8 80000100 00000001
0x0033b5b4:  00000000 7b43c8bc 00000002 f61ba930
0x0033b5c4:  f61ba966 00000000 0033b5d0 f61ba59c
0x0033b5d4:  00170016 03d4a252 755dd700 03d495a0
0x0033b5e4:  00000000 0033b654 0033b610 03d49324
f79a00d: sel=7bcd006f base=00000000 limit=00000000 16-bit r-x
=>0 0x7b43c8bc in kernel32 (+0x2c8bc) (0x0033b618)
  1 0xf61ba917 (0x0033b658)
  2 0xf61ba5c5 (0x0033b67c)
  3 0x0397f4f9 (0x0033b748)
  4 0x7f81459a in user32 (+0x64599) (0x0033b768)
  5 0xf77070ac (0x0033b7d8)
  6 0x7f81509f in user32 (+0x6509e) (0x0033b828)
  7 0x03984e0e (0x0033b868)
  8 0x0089d42d in wwlib (+0xd42c) (0x0033b8c0)
  9 0x0089d388 in wwlib (+0xd387) (0x0033b910)
  10 0x0089d16a in wwlib (+0xd169) (0x0033b920)
  11 0x00898f64 in wwlib (+0x8f63) (0x0033b95c)
  12 0x00898d72 in wwlib (+0x8d71) (0x0033fc20)
  13 0x00898cce in wwlib (+0x8ccd) (0x0033fc28)
  14 0x00401782 in winword (+0x1781) (0x0033fe74)
  15 0x004010f4 in winword (+0x10f3) (0x0033fec0)
  16 0x7b461a7c in kernel32 (+0x51a7b) (0x0033fed8)
  17 0x7b4634ce in kernel32 (+0x534cd) (0x0033ffd8)
  18 0x7b461a8a in kernel32 (+0x51a89) (0x0033ffec)
0x7b43c8bc: addl   $12,%esp
Module   Address         Debug info   Name (87 modules)
PE     350000-  365000   Deferred        vcruntime140
PE     370000-  374000   Deferred        api-ms-win-crt-runtime-l1-1-0
PE     380000-  383000   Deferred        api-ms-win-crt-heap-l1-1-0
PE     390000-  394000   Deferred        api-ms-win-crt-stdio-l1-1-0
PE     3a0000-  3a5000   Deferred        api-ms-win-crt-math-l1-1-0
PE     3b0000-  3b3000   Deferred        api-ms-win-crt-locale-l1-1-0
PE     3c0000-  3c3000   Deferred        api-ms-win-crt-time-l1-1-0
PE     400000-  5e1000   Export          winword
PE     5f0000-  7ac000   Deferred        c2r32
PE     7b0000-  88c000   Deferred        ucrtbase
PE     890000- 2ace000   Export          wwlib
PE    2ad0000- 37ad000   Deferred        oart
PE    37b0000- 3821000   Deferred        msvcp140
PE   10000000-101ea000   Deferred        appvisvsubsystems32
PE   25cb0000-25e40000   Deferred        gdiplus
PE   7a820000-7a824000   Deferred        opengl32
PE   7b410000-7b5b6000   Export          kernel32
PE   7bc10000-7bc14000   Deferred        ntdll
PE   7ed10000-7ed14000   Deferred        ws2_32
PE   7ed50000-7ed54000   Deferred        iphlpapi
PE   7ed80000-7ed83000   Deferred        netapi32
PE   7edb0000-7edb3000   Deferred        secur32
PE   7ede0000-7ede3000   Deferred        api-ms-win-core-localization-l1-C:\windows\system32\api-ms-win-core-localization-l1-2-1.dll
PE   7edf0000-7edf3000   Deferred        api-ms-win-core-fibers-l1-1-1
PE   7ee00000-7ee04000   Deferred        imm32
PE   7f0f0000-7f0f4000   Deferred        api-ms-win-crt-convert-l1-1-0
PE   7f100000-7f104000   Deferred        api-ms-win-crt-string-l1-1-0
PE   7f120000-7f123000   Deferred        api-ms-win-core-interlocked-l1-1C:\windows\system32\api-ms-win-core-interlocked-l1-1-0.dll
PE   7f130000-7f133000   Deferred        api-ms-win-core-rtlsupport-l1-1-C:\windows\system32\api-ms-win-core-rtlsupport-l1-1-0.dll
PE   7f140000-7f143000   Deferred        api-ms-win-core-util-l1-1-0
PE   7f160000-7f163000   Deferred        api-ms-win-core-memory-l1-1-0
PE   7f170000-7f173000   Deferred        api-ms-win-core-profile-l1-1-0
PE   7f180000-7f183000   Deferred        api-ms-win-core-file-l1-2-0
PE   7f190000-7f193000   Deferred        api-ms-win-core-processthreads-lC:\windows\system32\api-ms-win-core-processthreads-l1-1-1.dll
PE   7f1b0000-7f1b3000   Deferred        api-ms-win-core-debug-l1-1-0
PE   7f1c0000-7f1c3000   Deferred        api-ms-win-core-console-l1-1-0
PE   7f1d0000-7f1d3000   Deferred        api-ms-win-core-synch-l1-2-0
PE   7f1e0000-7f1e3000   Deferred        api-ms-win-core-sysinfo-l1-1-0
PE   7f200000-7f203000   Deferred        api-ms-win-core-localization-l1-C:\windows\system32\api-ms-win-core-localization-l1-2-0.dll
PE   7f210000-7f213000   Deferred        api-ms-win-core-datetime-l1-1-0
PE   7f220000-7f223000   Deferred        api-ms-win-core-processenvironmeC:\windows\system32\api-ms-win-core-processenvironment-l1-1-0.dll
PE   7f230000-7f233000   Deferred        api-ms-win-core-processthreads-lC:\windows\system32\api-ms-win-core-processthreads-l1-1-0.dll
PE   7f250000-7f253000   Deferred        api-ms-win-core-synch-l1-1-0
PE   7f260000-7f263000   Deferred        api-ms-win-core-libraryloader-l1C:\windows\system32\api-ms-win-core-libraryloader-l1-1-0.dll
PE   7f270000-7f273000   Deferred        api-ms-win-core-heap-l1-1-0
PE   7f280000-7f283000   Deferred        api-ms-win-core-file-l2-1-0
PE   7f2a0000-7f2a3000   Deferred        api-ms-win-core-handle-l1-1-0
PE   7f2b0000-7f2b3000   Deferred        api-ms-win-core-namedpipe-l1-1-0C:\windows\system32\api-ms-win-core-namedpipe-l1-1-0.dll
PE   7f2c0000-7f2c4000   Deferred        api-ms-win-core-file-l1-1-0
PE   7f2d0000-7f2d3000   Deferred        api-ms-win-core-timezone-l1-1-0
PE   7f2f0000-7f2f3000   Deferred        api-ms-win-core-errorhandling-l1C:\windows\system32\api-ms-win-core-errorhandling-l1-1-0.dll
PE   7f300000-7f303000   Deferred        api-ms-win-core-string-l1-1-0
PE   7f310000-7f313000   Deferred        userenv
PE   7f330000-7f338000   Deferred        shlwapi
PE   7f3b0000-7f512000   Deferred        shell32
PE   7f600000-7f604000   Deferred        rpcrt4
PE   7f680000-7f687000   Deferred        gdi32
PE   7f7b0000-7f876000   Export          user32
PE   7f990000-7f994000   Deferred        advapi32
PE   7fa10000-7fa38000   Deferred        ole32
PE   7fb60000-7fb68000   Deferred        oleaut32
PE   7ffd0000-7ffd4000   Deferred        version
PE   f61b0000-f61b3000   Deferred        api-ms-win-shcore-scaling-l1-1-1C:\windows\system32\api-ms-win-shcore-scaling-l1-1-1.dll
PE   f7080000-f7084000   Deferred        d3dcompiler_43
PE   f70f0000-f70f4000   Deferred        d3d10
PE   f7130000-f7134000   Deferred        d3d10core
PE   f7140000-f7144000   Deferred        d3d10_1
PE   f7160000-f7164000   Deferred        d2d1
PE   f71c0000-f71c4000   Deferred        cabinet
PE   f71e0000-f71ea000   Deferred        mpr
PE   f7200000-f7218000   Deferred        wininet
PE   f7280000-f7291000   Deferred        urlmon
PE   f7320000-f7366000   Deferred        msi
PE   f7430000-f7433000   Deferred        wtsapi32
PE   f7450000-f7454000   Deferred        dwmapi
PE   f7460000-f7464000   Deferred        uxtheme
PE   f76a0000-f76a3000   Deferred        api-ms-win-core-sysinfo-l1-2-1
PE   f76c0000-f76c4000   Deferred        winex11
PE   f7740000-f7743000   Deferred        api-ms-win-crt-utility-l1-1-0
PE   f7760000-f7763000   Deferred        api-ms-win-crt-environment-l1-1-C:\windows\system32\api-ms-win-crt-environment-l1-1-0.dll
PE   f7770000-f7773000   Deferred        api-ms-win-crt-filesystem-l1-1-0C:\windows\system32\api-ms-win-crt-filesystem-l1-1-0.dll
PE   f7780000-f7785000   Deferred        api-ms-win-crt-multibyte-l1-1-0
PE   f77a0000-f77f0000   Deferred        comctl32
PE   f78c0000-f78c4000   Deferred        msvcrt
PE   f7980000-f7984000   Deferred        wined3d
PE   f7ab0000-f7ab4000   Deferred        dxgi
PE   f7ae0000-f7ae4000   Deferred        d3d11
process  tid      prio (all id:s are in hex)
00000008 (D) C:\Program Files\Microsoft Office\root\Office16\WINWORD.EXE
   00000009    0 <==
0000000c winemenubuilder.exe
   0000000d    0
0000000e services.exe
   00000041    0
   0000002b    0
   00000022    0
   0000001b    0
   0000001a    0
   00000010    0
   0000000f    0
00000011 OfficeClickToRun.exe
   0000004f    0
   0000004d    0
   0000004c    0
   0000004b    0
   0000004a    0
   00000049    0
   00000048    0
   00000047    0
   00000039    0
   00000038    0
   00000036    0
   0000002a    0
   00000021    0
   0000001e    0
   0000001d    0
   00000019    0
   00000018    0
   00000017    0
   00000016    0
   00000015    0
   00000012    0
00000013 explorer.exe
   00000032    0
   00000031    0
   00000030    0
   00000014    0
0000001f winedevice.exe
   00000029    0
   00000024    0
   00000023    0
   00000020    0
00000027 plugplay.exe
   0000002d    0
   0000002c    0
   00000028    0
0000003e winedevice.exe
   00000046    0
   00000045    0
   00000044    0
   00000043    0
   00000042    0
   0000003f    0
System information:
    Wine build: wine-3.0 (Ubuntu 3.0-1ubuntu1)
    Platform: i386
    Version: Windows 7
    Host system: Linux
    Host version: 4.15.0-44-generic

 Post Posted: Wed Feb 06, 2019 11:45 am 
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Level 2

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I am also having issues with office on wine. I fixed this error by upgrading to latest wine development version. However in my case the applications load and go to menu, but as soon as I attempt to go into the editor the program crashes. Separate thread being made for this, just my two cents.

 Post Posted: Mon Mar 04, 2019 2:08 pm 

Joined: Mon Feb 04, 2019 3:53 pm
Posts: 4
I Managed to solve this install problem by updating to wine 4.0 and installing the libraries and copying the DLLS as described in the AppDB.

Now when I try to open word or excel it crashes, I've opened a new issue for this problem however

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