World of Warships not able to catch mouse

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World of Warships not able to catch mouse

Post by kodos » Sat Jan 05, 2019 7:32 pm

Running out of ides on how to solve my problem so I post it here

The game worked in Fullscreen without a problem but I changed my GPU from Nvidia to AMD and upgraded the System from Mint 17.3 to 19.1.

Now the mouse only works in windowed mode with a virtual desktop in native screen resolution. Every other setting or combination of settings let the mouse hit an invisible wall inside the game (as it leaves the window).
Even in the above working mode, if the window is not in the centre of the screen (and the window border is not visible) it does not work on the respective side

Changing GPU driver and/or Kernel did not change anything, same for changing wine versions (and settings)
although it seems to work in wine 3.12 or older but the game freezes in start if something else than 3.15 is used.

Prior my upgrade the game was also able to catch the mouse from a different workspace on start (if you switched to a different one before the game fully loaded) and you had to switch once back and forth to get the mouse working on the other workspaces again (this behaviour is now gone).

Talking to others, it seems to be a problem also on some other games and I that I had such problems with WoWS in the past but they were gone with wine-staging 17.40

My conclusion for now is that something on Mint 19 and/or amdgpu prevent the wine window from being the dominant application with control over the mouse pointer

Does anyone have any ideas what the problem could be and/or how it could be solved (or has a workaround)

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