Warframe - Holding ability keys doesn't work

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Warframe - Holding ability keys doesn't work

Post by frustratedllama » Wed Nov 07, 2018 6:17 pm

Hello everyone! I'm sorry if this isn't the right place to be asking this, but I have a slight problem, but it's not entirely game-breaking.

I installed Warframe using warframe-linux, and all went well after upgrading my graphics drivers. After a little bit of tweaking graphics options, it runs like a dream!

However, one thing I have noticed - and this doesn't come in to play very often if you don't use focus abilities much like me - that holding a button down - for example holding down 4 for a held ability or 5 for focus abilities - just doesn't work; every time it will act as if you just tapped the button, almost like you're not even trying to hold it down!

Now, as I have said, this isn't entirely game-breaking for me, as I don't use many warframes with held abilities or use my focus abilities much, it's just a quality of life sort of thing in my eyes.

On to what I have tried:
Using a different version of wine (wine-staging 3.19, esync-staging-pba-3.18-x86_64 etc)
Setting xinput overrides to native/builtin/disabled (game won't start in the latter case) and everything in between
Playing around with in-game options, such as inverting press/held abilities, rebinding keys, rebinding the controller (admittedly a shot in the dark and I'm using keyboard & mouse)
Going between windows/borderless fullscreen/fullscreen modes
Switching between desktop/laptop mode in-game

One thing I have noticed was that if you set wine to play the game in windows 8 compatibility mode, it will act as if every key on the keyboard was part of the numpad. This was remedied by switching it to Windows 7, and before I did that I did try completely disabling the keypad with shift+numlock, to no avail.

Has anyone else experienced this? I'm at a loss for how to fix it, unfortunately.

System specs:
Debian 9
AMD FX-6350 cpu
8G ram
Nvidia GTX 760 (rev 1) gpu

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