TechnoMage doesn't work with "new" versions of wine

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TechnoMage doesn't work with "new" versions of wine

Post by sabine » Wed Oct 31, 2018 8:46 am


after some time – maybe 3 years – I decided to play TechnoMage again, which I love very much. I installed the recent wine-devel, but just got a black screen after the first two intro screens. If you use the up and down keys, you can hear the menu working though and when you're at the bottom of it and press enter the program quits as it should. I assumed that it's an issue with the graphics being displayed, so I tried several different options, but without any clues and thousands of display option combinations I gave up soon.

With the help of PlayOnLinux I installed several different wine versions – I remembered vaguely that it was v1.6 I had last installed, when it ran. So I found TechnoMage working with v1.7.55 without the use of any special graphic options. v1.8 and newer generate the problem with the black screen.

I can now run TechnoMage with wine v1.7.55 staging 32bit without any issues, but did I miss any change in the graphic options or other preferences which would let me play it with a decent version of wine?

Some infos about my system:

Ubuntu 16.04 (18.04 slowed down the graphics on my test computer incredibly so I decided to stick a bit longer with 16.04)
wine-devel (v3.19 atm as default)
q4wine 1.3.10 (to save the pain of learning all the command options)
playonlinux 4.2.10 (to install different wine versions without conflicts and issues)

Thanks in advance,

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