Google Compute Engine: Debian + Wine + XRDP

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Google Compute Engine: Debian + Wine + XRDP

Post by booboofoo » Wed Oct 31, 2018 6:17 am

Hello everyone

56 year old long term professional programmer writing, mostly with a background in Windows desktop .exe programming. I have read the rules about reading the FAQs first and studying the various User Guides.

My question relates primarily to using Wine on a Debian OS hosted by the Google Compute Engine service.

My ultimate goal is as follows... to get Visual FoxPro v9.0 running on IIS 7 on Wine on the Debian instance.

However, as you might appreciate... there are some hoops to jump through which sadly are a bit beyond my knowledge base at this time.

I do most of my web application programming on a Windows 2012 server, mostly using Netbeans, PHP, MySQL etc. However, I'm also highly skilled in Visual Foxpro, and VFP has an excellent Report Generation utility which can programmatically create high quality multi-faceted PDF file output. PHP programming is rather thin on PDF generation tools, I would dearly like to use VFP's report generator to produce PDF files for a current work project. Hence, WINE came into the equation.

The Google Compute Engine forces me to use a product like XRDP to see graphical output remotely. Any advice by users who use a similar setup would be highly welcome.

I have successfully loaded Wine and XRDP and I am able to successfully see graphical output remotely through the XRDP window. I can run a command like wine winecfg successfully.

First question: Is XRDP the best solution remote in to the Debian instance on the Google Compute Engine? Is there an even better tool, given my hardware setup?

Second question: I ran a command from the XRDP command line, wine control it's the wine version of Control Panel but there doesn't appear to be a way to return to the XRDP terminal command line. How is that achieved? Forgive a wine newbie question!

Third question: Has anyone here been so ambitious to try getting IIS7 to function on Wine? I note there is one reference in the APPS Database which said very little. Is it even possible? I ask this question insofar as West Wind has an excellent tool called Web Connection which replicates the PHP + MySQL framework using Visual Foxpro to act as both PHP + MySQL at the same time. But it does require IIS.

Thanking you all in advance, any knowledge offered will be appreciated very very much!

Ivan Julian, Queensland, Australia


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