MIDI: Behringer DeepMind App sees only MIDI Through

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MIDI: Behringer DeepMind App sees only MIDI Through

Post by flightvision » Sat Sep 22, 2018 4:45 pm


I am trying to use the Behringer DeepMind (a hardware synthesizer) support apps: one is like a remote control, the other for firmware updates.

They see only the MIDI through ports, though. I cannot select the actual device.

I went through the steps at https://wiki.winehq.org/MIDI

✔ aconnect -o lists relevant entries.

Code: Select all

Client 14: 'Midi Through' [Typ=Kernel]
    0 'Midi Through Port-0'
    1 'Midi Through Port-1'
    2 'Midi Through Port-2'
    3 'Midi Through Port-3'
    4 'Midi Through Port-4'
    5 'Midi Through Port-5'
    6 'Midi Through Port-6'
    7 'Midi Through Port-7'
    8 'Midi Through Port-8'
    9 'Midi Through Port-9'
   10 'Midi Through Port-10'
   11 'Midi Through Port-11'
   12 'Midi Through Port-12'
   13 'Midi Through Port-13'
   14 'Midi Through Port-14'
   15 'Midi Through Port-15'
Client 24: 'Arturia KeyStep 32' [Typ=Kernel]
    0 'Arturia KeyStep 32 MIDI 1'
Client 32: 'DeepMind12D' [Typ=Kernel]
    0 'DeepMind12D MIDI 1'
✔ aplaymidi -pX:Y file.mid works -- or whatever is equivalent in your OS.

This works. The synthesizer reacts to the MIDI

✔ winecfg's audio tab lists these same entries (in Linux, ideally with both ALSA and OSS, although you can use only one inside one Wine session)

In the audio tab I do not see anything regarding MIDI in-/outputs.

✔ You configured the registry for the MIDI mapper in case the topmost device in winecfg's list is not one known working.

I did that. I added a key (string) "#32" at

I did not see any change in the behaviour of the program, though.

✔ You tested basic MIDI playing ability using the interactive MCI shell or you know that MIDI performs well with another application in Wine on your system.
This did not work. "wine wintest.exe mcishell" can't find wintest.exe

version: wine-3.0.2
I use ALSA and stopped pulseaudio for testing.

Here is the debug output with +mci, +mcimidi, +driver, +mmsys, +winmm, +midi, +msacm, +tid:

I am very grateful for any hint towards how to get the MIDI device talk to this app.
For cross reference: There is a little thread on Linux-wine on the Behringer forums: https://forum.musictribe.com/showthread ... x&p=152432

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