Chainloading and command line arguments, Fallout 4

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Chainloading and command line arguments, Fallout 4

Post by Tiihonen » Tue Jan 09, 2018 7:27 am

Hi All, first post!

I have two executables, Fallout4.exe and f4se_loader.exe. f4se_loader.exe is a script extender required by many mods.

I receive better performance by launching the game in opengl-mode via a command-line argument, (wine Fallout4.exe -force-opengl).

To use some mods I have to launch the game via f4se_loader.exe, which in turn launches Fallout4.exe, but does not accept the argument.
The opengl-mode cannot be enabled with any of the games own .ini files, as far as I know.

Is there a way to pass the argument to Fallout4.exe, no matter how or where from it's launched?
I suppose on windows this would be done with a shortcut file, but I couldn't create one with winefile or explorer.

The game has a separate prefix, not using Steam.
Wine version: 2.21 Staging
Archlinux 64bit, 4.14.11-1

Thanks in advance!

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