Guid Wars - running multiple copies of the client at once

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Guid Wars - running multiple copies of the client at once

Post by mentalcic » Fri Aug 17, 2012 11:12 am

I have been able to run on Windows multiple copies of the game by just making copies of Guild Wars directory and running small application called GWMultiLaunch which had shortcuts on each copy respectively. This setup enabled running 2 or more copies of Guild Wars client at the same time (updates worked flawlessly etc).

Now I have installed wine-1.4 on Kubuntu 12.04 and successfully installed Guild Wars client using Winetricks. There is a shortcut on the desktop and the game runs perfectly in a window mode and in full screen.

I would like to run multiple copies of the game client on my KDE box using Wine.

Any advice on how to setup this?

Is there a way to install another fresh copy of the same application into a different wineprefix (e.g. guildwars_copy1, guildwars_copy2 etc) so to preserve the original but to have other copies of the same client installed properly in their respective folders with their own settings?

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Re: Guid Wars - running multiple copies of the client at onc

Post by Simon of Aragon » Sun Sep 09, 2012 2:33 am

Hello fellow multiboxer. Here is what you need to do;

1. Find your hidden .wine directory and make a copy called .wine-2 or something like that. If you run more than 2 you will need another for each one running.
2. Make seperate launchers for each account.
a. WINEPREFIX="/home/<user ID>/.wine" wine '/media/GW Client1/Gw.exe' -windowed
b. WINEPREFIX="/home/<user ID>/.wine-2" wine '/media/GW Client2/Gw.exe' -windowed
3. Note make sure your launcher path is to the correct client or your textures get funky looking sharing the same dat file.

I made 2 launchers with the -password command lines and they auto login no problem. If you are running texmod or umod you will need to set them to the proper wine prefix as well. My system works pretty good with 2 accounts up and running the only reason I have a second account is the cost of additional storage at $10 is so lame when you can just buy another account for $30. Enjoy!