Playing Counter Strike 1.6 on UBUNTU 11.10 using wine 1.3.28

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Playing Counter Strike 1.6 on UBUNTU 11.10 using wine 1.3.28

Post by eng.pctec » Fri Dec 02, 2011 8:16 pm

System: UBUNTU 11.10
Wine: 1.3.28 (also I tried the stable version wine1.2 1.2.3-0ubuntu1)
Game: Counter Strike 1.6 (non Steam version)
VGA Card: nVidia GeForce 9200M GS / 512 MB

After installing the game, and in order to make it work, I go to the path:

/home/user/.wine/dosdevices/c:/Program Files/Counter-Strike 1.6

and the I run the file "hl.exe", this will run the "half life" game, then I chose "change game" and go into "Counter Strike" game.

It's working fine, but each 3 minutes approximately, suddenly the game close ! the UBUNTU system is still working fine, but the game is closed, I used the terminal to run the game, and when closing there's this error written in terminal, it says:

err:seh:setup_exception_record stack overflow 1348 bytes in thread 003a eip 71ef96db esp 086b0dec stack 0x86b0000-0x86b1000-0x87b0000
Segmentation fault

by changing some options in the game under the "video" tab, the message changes a little into:

err:seh:setup_exception_record stack overflow 1760 bytes in thread 003d eip 6aa3c6db esp 08910c50 stack 0x8910000-0x8911000-0x8a10000
Segmentation fault

There's something might help, when the game close suddenly, I always have to restore the resolution of my desktop.

What I tried to solve the problem:

- Changing the driver of my VGA driver (173, 173 updated, 180.13, 180.13 updated)
- Changing the version of Wine (1.3 - 1.2)
- Defining the VGA memory used by wine through the Wine registry
- Manipulating the "Video" options in the game.

Any suggestion please?

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Re: Playing Counter Strike 1.6 on UBUNTU 11.10 using wine 1.

Post by vitamin » Fri Dec 02, 2011 9:33 pm

eng.pctec wrote:Game: Counter Strike 1.6 (non Steam version)
No such thing. Do not use illegal software, especially that the game is so cheap and Valve is the only developer that really does care about PC games.