Pen pressure not working in Zbrush 2021

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Pen pressure not working in Zbrush 2021

Post by HermanS »

OS: Manjaro MATE
Graphic tablet: XP Pen Deco 03 (official driver for linux)
To run Windows programs I use: portProton
Wine version: 7.0
Program that is experiencing the problem: Zbrush

Detailed description of the problem:
After launching Zbrush, if you select any basic project, for example, a “cube” and draw on it with a pen,
then the pen pressure works properly, but once you click the mouse, the pen pressure disappears completely.

I see the problem on other Linux distributions as well.
In the wine settings, I added various libraries specifically for launching zbrush, but nothing helps.
I see that this issue has been raised here more than once, but I could not find a solution to the problem.

Everything looks as if the transfer of pen pressure to the wine environment works properly,
then you click the mouse and control passes to it, but when you start using the graph.tablet,
the switch back does not occur and the mouse is emulated.

in native linux programs pen pressure works as expected.

I could not find an answer anywhere or a person who could say more specifically what the matter is, and not tell what is already known (after all, this does not work).
I ask you to be understanding and help to finally solve this problem with pen pressure.
All necessary information will be provided upon request.
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Re: Pen pressure not working in Zbrush 2021

Post by jkfloris »

Several bugs have been reported.
Wine-staging has a solution for some pen pressure problems.
If this does not improve the issue, report the problem to the bug report that best fits your issue.
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