Gothic 3 - massive graphic problems

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Gothic 3 - massive graphic problems

Post by McMoneysack91 » Tue Sep 01, 2020 10:04 am


first: I am absolutely amazed by how powerful WINE is. I use many Windows programs on it and I even play almost all my Games on it. Well...almost.

My absolute favourite game #2 which is Gothic 3 (#1 is Morrowind...) has some issues. Basically it is playable. It runs perfectly smooth. I would say even smoother than on Windows. But the graphics, oh man, the graphics. The Menu is full of shaking and tweaking particles, image overlays etc. Luckily I can read the menu options and choose them. Inside the game it continues. The ground is a mixture of colourful pixels and squares, the hero is pink, the houses are shimmering in all kinds of clours, the sky is...rather normal but still full of squares and funny shapes. All in all: this is what LSD must feel like. Sound and controls are perfectly fine btw. Everything is perfectly fine in fact - besides the graphics.

Info: I am NOT using Lutris or PlayOnLinux or Steam. I know i know that these programs make things easier and have many prefixes built in but I love the "by foot" way. I installed Gothic 3 Gold Edition via CD into .wine's simulated Windows hard drive C:/ProgramFiles_x86/Piranha_Bytes/Gothic3 Ehanced Edition.

By now I guess it has to do with the libraries. I did not select ANY yet. Just using Wine 5.0 as it came fresh installed throught this WineHQ manual. The graphics errors change when I for example select Windows XP or Windows 7 or Windows 10. Some go away, others arrive. For example now the houses are colored normally but the ground starts flickering and so on.

Same goes for the libraries. I tried one after the other. For example d3d8 (Builtin, then Native) then (Native, then Builtin) etc. Then d3d9 then d3d10 etc. All of these steps kind of solve one graphics issue but then another one occurs.

Can anybody please tell me, which libraries to import and how to set them (builtin or native) when speaking about Gothic 3? Luckily all other games run perfectly fine. No issues AT ALL. It's just Gothic 3 that complains.

My System:

CPU and GPU: AMD Athlon 3000G with integrated Vega Graphics
Motherboard: MSI A320M-A Pro
OS: Same issue on all OS (Linux Mint 20, Linux Mint 19.3, Debian 10, Manjaro, Arch)

Thanks in advance

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Re: Gothic 3 - massive graphic problems

Post by jkfloris » Fri Sep 04, 2020 2:33 pm

According to the AppDB there are also issues on Windows:
-Graphics (no extra* visual glitches were noticed)
* - Gothic 3 has a lot of known bugs, but their cause lay on the side of devs, rather than wine or linux.

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