Qt based OpenGL application on Mac

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Qt based OpenGL application on Mac

Post by sergio.audaces » Tue May 19, 2020 12:20 pm

Hello !

I'm making some tests on a Mac running OpenGL applications built with Qt at Windows.
I have tried many examples from Qt but all of them crash at start.
Are there any known issues and fixes about that?

Mac machine is a Mac mini (late 2012) with MacOS Mojave and Intel HD Graphics 4000.

The simplest app tested was the "OpenGL Window Example" (a "Hello Triangle!"), compiled with Qt Creator 4.12.0, Qt 5.14.2, toolchain MSVC 2017 32 bit.

Tests on Mac using CrossOver and bottles for win7 32bit, win7 64bit, win10 32bit and win10 64bit.
I have also installed the Visual C++ Redistributable packages by hand on those bottles.

Thanks for your attention.