What activates wineserver?

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What activates wineserver?

Post by Zenego » Mon May 18, 2020 12:18 pm

wineserver is a process that uses too much CPU and makes the apps slow.
Are there specific DLLs or settings that activate it?

I'm trying to play Sonic Mania on Wine 4.0. Although the speed is okay, the music is stuttering. I think the problem is that wineserver is too CPU intensive that it slows down the sound thread.
I can only play it by using a virtualbox with Windows 7, but the virtual machine uses too much memory that I cannot run another app, such as a web browser.

Some lightweight apps use wineserver, but wineserver does much more processing than it is requested by the app. wineserver continues using CPU even when the app is paused in the background. On real Windows, those app don't use CPU while they are paused.

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Re: What activates wineserver?

Post by spoon0042 » Tue May 19, 2020 1:02 pm

The wiki and man page both have this to say:
wineserver is a daemon process that provides to Wine roughly the same services that the Windows kernel provides on Windows.
Basically, everything uses wineserver. So it's possible there's some bottleneck but it's also possible there's no way around it. Finding out would involve profiling or something. This page on the wiki mentions that and some other things to check (possibly out of date).

Also 4.0 is over a year old and things may be improved on a current version already. Or possibly made worse. Who knows. :)