Final Fantasy XI issues

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Final Fantasy XI issues

Post by BenR »

Made this thread to stop making comments on the main page.

Attempting install from a brand new prefix on wine 5.0 -
Attempting install from a brand new prefix on wine 5.5 -

Attempting to run FFXI from old prefix on wine 5.0 with virtual desktop -

FFXI now runs on wine 5.5 with or without virtual desktop, 5.4 did not when I had tested it the other day. So I guess I don't need to install fresh, but I'm not sure why the installer isn't going. I checked for hanging processes and found none.
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Re: Final Fantasy XI issues

Post by pandoraxero »

most "fixme"s can be safely ignored
And just to check - the install stops after the lines displayed? That seems fairly short for a wine output.

The installer is known to have issues mostly pertaining to getting itself set up, where it looks like it's just spinning its wheels, but eventually returns to functioning normally. If you haven't been dropped back to the command line, it's still running. You can make a pot of coffee and come back and it should be on to the next step.

I would say try setting WINEDEBUG="+warn", but if you're not prepared for the deluge of output that can produce, it might not be a good idea - it produces a particularly large amount of output when it's stuck in the installer. it looks something like this:

Code: Select all

0009:warn:msidb:TABLE_CreateView table not found
0009:warn:msidb:WHERE_CreateView can't create table: L"MsiAssembly"
0009:warn:msidb:get_tablecolumns Couldn't find id for L"MsiAssembly"
- and prints that same 3 lines a couple hundred thousand times before continuing as normal. Without WINEDEBUG="+warn" it won't show these messages.
you might want to use &> to push all the console output to a file if there is a lot of output.