Destiny 2 (F2P)

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Destiny 2 (F2P)

Post by CptJericho » Mon Jan 13, 2020 4:43 pm

Hello everyone!
I'm extremely invested in getting Destiny 2 (through Steam) to run on Ubuntu 18.04. Personally, it is my favorite game and one of my therapeutic FPSs. Professionally, it poses a great academic challenge to port an amazing game to Linux.
What I know so far:
Wine (All Versions) will not run Destiny 2 as of 1-13-2020
- Listed as Garbage
- Posts in comments say installs but will not run (Attributed to Anti-Cheat)
- Reddit verifies claiming anti-cheat
Proton will not run Desting 2 as of 1-12-2020
- Listed as Borked.
- Many comments claiming it installs but will not run.

What I don't know so far:
What Anticheat Destiny 2 uses ( and what problems this poses)
How to port (any) game to Linux

So what is this post for?
I can't be the only Linux user wanting to play. Let's share some ideas, maybe get weird with some code and configs.

LFG to make Destiny 2 playable on Linux Ubuntu 18.04.

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Re: Destiny 2 (F2P)

Post by jnewman » Fri Feb 07, 2020 12:47 pm

Destiny 2 uses its own custom anti-cheat. So chances are that it will never work in Wine. They (Bungie) even have been banning users for trying to run under Wine. ... t=0&page=0

You an also join the petition to get Bungie to make it work in Linux.

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