Age of Empires 3 LAN Multiplayer problem

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Age of Empires 3 LAN Multiplayer problem

Post by Thorium232 » Mon Feb 04, 2019 7:05 am

I have succesfully installed Age of Empires 3 (with expansions) on Wine 3.0.

I added the 4 missing DLL's using winetricks, not through downloading:
Even I could add through winetricks in stead of taking it from another windows installation.

Patching worked flawlessly and the game starts and runs perfectly... in Singleplayer.

I use a program called Voobly to connect to p2p lobbies which can play multiplayer AoE3 through LAN.
Voobly installed without issue, I can connect to lobbies without issue etc etc. But I don't think it's a Voobly problem.

When starting the game, the host's room should be visible inside AoE3's in-game LAN interface, but it isn't. It doesn't show up so I can't join.

I double checked and game version between me and the host are identical.
I've read that you need to add DirectPlay through winetricks to make multiplayer work. I did so, it added successfully, but still no LAN.
I've yet to check if it is a problem on my side, or on my host's Windows side, but if anyone could help me further in the meantime, I would be very grateful!