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 Post Posted: Sat Dec 29, 2018 11:36 am 
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hi everyone,
I've been having an issue with running "Star Wars: The Old Republic" on my PC ever since upgrading to Linux Mint 19 (I am currently using 19.1). The game used to run nearly perfectly before, when I was still on 18.x.
I start the launcher with:
cd SWTOR/drive_c/Program\ Files/Electronic\ Arts/BioWare/Star\ Wars\ -\ The\ Old\ Republic/
export WINEPREFIX="/home/marvin/SWTOR"
export WINEARCH=win32
wine start launcher.exe

The launcher itself works fine, but after i click PLAY, the game opens and is stuck on the loading screen. The screen is normally only there for a few seconds but I've waited hours and nothing changed.

The console gives me the following feedback directly after i start the launcher:
002b:err:module:import_dll Library avutil-51.dll (which is needed by L"C:\\Program Files\\Electronic Arts\\BioWare\\Star Wars - The Old Republic\\avcodec-53.dll") not found

This DLL library, avutil-51.dll is located in the Star\ Wars\ -\ The\ Old\ Republic/ folder, together with launcher.exe and avcodec-53.dll, which apparently needs avutil-51.dll. I am clueless as to why the game doesn't find it.
If anyone knows where avutil-51.dll should be located or what exactly caused the issue I would apprechiate any help.

 Post Posted: Sun Dec 30, 2018 7:25 am 
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sounds like you are using wine instead of wine-staging ..
this is my startscript.
the swtor_fix is required when you run it on vanilla wine.
the xset tweak is for the mouse, its soo fast without ^^
gl :)

the swtor_fix is off commented because im using wine-staging.

#! /bin/bash

# set path to the SWTOR launcher
LAUNCHER_COMMAND="wine /home/rawfox/Games/SWTOR/launcher.exe"

# set the wine vars
export WINEARCH=win32
export WINEDEBUG=-all
export WINEPREFIX="/home/rawfox/.wine-swtor"

# swtor_fix.exe still needed
#if [ ! -f swtor_fix.exe ]; then
#    wget -O swtor_fix.exe
#wine swtor_fix.exe &
#sleep 2

# using xset to calm the oversensitive mouse in swtor
xset m 1/3 1
wait $!

xset m 2 1

 Post Posted: Sun Dec 30, 2018 4:55 pm 
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Thanks a lot!
Thanks to your advice the game now works again.

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