Wine Bug ?

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Wine Bug ?

Post by cgaviria44 » Sun Dec 09, 2018 11:21 pm

Hello there, I installed wine in my laptop (I have arch linux), I use Winbox app for manage RouterOS (I don't know if you know the app), but maybe I have a bug when I run Winbox, the bug is that when I write any command in prompt, always there is a big space at the end of copying or between letters, and in some cases is hard to copy or delete :(

I send you images with this problem.

And thank you so much

Christian Gaviria
look this, I am located at the in of the command prompt, but I have this space between letters, and if I need to delete some letters is very hard.

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Bob Wya
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Re: Wine Bug ?

Post by Bob Wya » Mon Dec 10, 2018 10:59 am


What version of Wine are you using?

I guess I probably shouldn't ask why you are running a Windows application, on Wine, to telnet into a router - from a Linux host?
That seems rather bizarre. :?

The rest of the functionality is probably useful. It should of course be running as web application/portal.
MikroTik seem to be doing their Mac / Linux customers a serious disservice here...
Never mind other devices (Android or iOS) that customers might like to connect.
I'd personally be kicking up a stink about that with their customer support...