native MS IME for entering japanese in Wine

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native MS IME for entering japanese in Wine

Post by bokusouchi » Sun Aug 12, 2018 9:09 am

context : i use Ms office word 2003 with wine . To enter Japanese i use the XIM (X11) input method . I works relatively well , apart from the fact that it does not handle "over-the-spot" input .
(a small windows opens on top of winword window to enter hiragana )
This is a bit of a bother ...

So i am considering using the native microsoft japanese IME (IME 2002 or IME 2003 ) to be able to
do "over-the-spot

I found a post from 2008 from Aric Stewart ... 64872.html
that seems to imply that it is possible to use MS IME2002 .

can someone (Aric ? ) give me a quick run up on how to do that :
which registers to set up with what values ?
what microsoft native files to copy in the wine installation ?
I guess some file from the lang servicepack 2003 like imjp*.dll etc ?

sorry , i am not very familiar with windows .

many thanks for your help


I am guessing