3.0 hangs on a black screen, 5.0 crashes

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3.0 hangs on a black screen, 5.0 crashes

Post by Yodakiller3000 » Sat Jun 20, 2020 1:34 am

Hello there!
I'm on Android 10 (Samsung Galaxy 9) and both of these issues occur. I am trying to get wine to work to use hamsterball (a Direct 3D game) and Advance Map for the GBA. Both of these programs are EXE files for Wibdows XP and up. I would love any advice to what is wrong. Please email me

Spec list:
Model Number: SM-G960U
Software version: G9
Hardware version: REV1.1
Android version 10
Knox version 3.4.1
4gb ram

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