Bug 45912 - Add a 'Forum Thread' field to bugzilla

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Bug 45912 - Add a 'Forum Thread' field to bugzilla

Post by olivierfrdierick » Wed Oct 03, 2018 6:48 pm


:!: This topic is to announce and explain the proposed feature from bug 45912.

:idea: The bug is about adding a 'Forum Thread' field to Bugzilla (or 'Forum Topic', 'Forum URL', 'Discussion', whatever fit best).

The new field would contain a single, direct URL to the WineHQ Forums topic most related to the bug.
The field would be set(updated) either by the bug reporter or a Bugzilla moderator with the required privileges (same as with the URL field).
Only a single link to the WineHQ Forums would be allowed, to avoid the need to register on external forums and to avoid spreading discussions to multiple places.

It could be one of:
  • The bug reporter's own thread about the issue;
  • Someone else's thread that spawned the idea of reporting the bug;
  • An existing thread on the issue that is found after the bug was reported;
  • A new thread that would be created when then need arises.
:arrow: The ultimate goal is to make it somewhat easier for the Bugzilla moderators/devs to redirect unwanted discussion to the forums and also avoid having to search for the link in the comments.

:?: Feel free to share your thoughts about it.


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Re: Bug 45912 - Add a 'Forum Thread' field to bugzilla

Post by Bob Wya » Tue Oct 16, 2018 3:40 pm


That sounds useful. 8)
I always ask users, on the forums, to cross-link any bug reports they create.
This would make that process a bit easier.